Salar Shekib Construction Company

Is nongovernmental, non-supporter, non-political, recognized to assist for the improvement, rehabilitation and reconstruction of Afghanistan?


SSCC is a versatile, global enterprise that provides original solutions of the various technology and professional services to government and commercial industry nationwide. Our target is to build Afghanistan through Afghans.


SSCC has legal reputation in Afghanistan for construction; design and implementation of any project through registration with the Ministry of Commerce and Afghanistan Investment Support Agency (AISA) of Islamic Republic of Afghanistan with license No D-38759


SSCC has incredible amount experience to implement Vertical and Horizontal infrastructure projects throughout Afghanistan. , it is embracing the essence of Afghan society.

SSCC is a private company with its head quarter in Kabul, Mazar, Kandahar, Herat and Jalalabad Afghanistan.


SSCC feels that this country needs well-qualified, skilled and expert working people. So with this view in mind it entered this field. Furthermore, the company uses the modern world soft wares for the design, drafting and quality control of engineering structures. It uses the modern machinery and is able to carry out both small and large construction projects with full competency. It has capability to implement any type of a project on time with high standard.


SSCC is looking forward to deliver it challenging projects where it shows its capability with high standard throughout Afghanistan. Our combined resources and work forces have enabled us to successfully manage and complete short and long term projects.


SSCC will successfully guarantee the completion of any type of construction projects for the rehabilitation and development of Afghanistan. To turn Afghanistan in to a Peaceful and a stable nation with the help of international community is the duty of us to take active part in rebuilding Afghanistan to achieve this high goal, we at…


SSCC has gone to great extend to choose the best and highly professional engineers, drafts man, surveyors, and a team of capable workers. We also use our internal means to instruct our team by having daily meetings on coordination & harmonization, communication and quality management. We have positioned ourselves such that we concentrate on quality of products and will never compromise on standards of Services we extend to our customers .We do help our nation and our country through our ability and facilities and convinces, and we do present real quall needed. And this is the way to donate to the reconstruction and development of the Rural Areas specially.






• To create construction objects as per customer s design view through which the objects can be realized in

• existent structures (private facilities)

• Determining priorities in the fields it covers.

• Developing projects covering the necessities of the reconstruction.

• Promoting constructional projects in Afghanistan.

• Upgrade the level of rebuilding according to the level of the developed countries.

• Providing modern facilities for promotion of construction.

• To provide housing for people with special needs including (vulnerable) group elderly, homeless, disabled

• Female heads of household and large families.

• To build public facilities

• To build and improve the quality of streets

• Construction and rehabilitation of bridges, roads and highways.

• To improve and expand public infrastructure to existing and developing areas of Afghanistan.

• To improve water distribution infrastructure

• To facilitate appropriate water-oriented development

• To build, maintain and improve drainage facilities.

• To provide sewage treatment operations







Salar Shekib Construction Company was established with the aim to meet the following objectives:


• To identify, rehabilitation, reconstruction needs of Afghan people;

• To contribute in providing job opportunities.

• To contribute to the capacity building process in construction



To help refuges find shelter to convey Donor s and Governmental assistance to afghan entitled through

Implementation of any rehabilitation projects inside Afghanistan.


• To seek financial resources and implementation possibilities for the planned relief and rehabilitation

• projects in Afghanistan;

• To promote the existing traditional materials techniques.

• To develop and use new construction material

• To introduce new concepts and technology of construction

• To workout plans for rural development in order to improve the living standards at community level in

• the country;

• To directly implement relief program and rehabilitate the economic and social infrastructure in the war torn

• Afghanistan.

• To recruit and train new construction personnel



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