( Salar Shekib Logistics Company Provides quick response for all kinds of Logistic services to its customers and consumers with Best quality, Quantity, Reliable and affordable price.)


We routinely supply operations in some of Afghanistan most remote region and troubled provinces - to the highest national standards. We are experts in managing the risks associated with deliveries to dangerous and instable regions.


Company supplies all types of products and items from National and International markets at reasonable prices in efficient time period.

SalarShekib Logistic Company is based in Kabul Afghanistan with objectives of supporting the National and International Community in rehabilitation and reconstruction of Afghanistan.

We believe that peace and stability can only be achieved by working together as a one nation and rebuilding our country together with help of each other.

SalarShekib Logistic Company is registered with (AISA) Afghanistan Investment Support Agency and maintains good relationship with National and International NGOs and UN agencies. In order to reach its objectives, the company will attract the assistance of nation.

We offer you all kind of transportation of your goods from places of departure to the final destination, we also provide vehicles for rent and sale, so knock on our door and we will be at your service.


  • We always care for our customers
  • Supplies
  • Logistic/Transportation
  • Oils
  • Cleaning /Sanitation


Protection Gears: Building a nation that has suffered for many years require protection gears and SalarShekib has all the resources for protecting our heroes. We have under armor, top body armor, tactical vests, armors plated vests, camouflage, clothing and many more. Protecting our faces and anyone in the field may cause a little uncomforting because of extra weight clothing you are not used too what SalarShekib Logistic Company does its researches in various entities for the fixed structured uniforms that is comfortable, protective, best quality and competitive price. Whether you are looking for head gears, boots, demining gears or just regular kitchen staff uniforms, we will offer you our best service. Any uniforms of your request can be of any colors, choices or shapes.

Uniforms: Our uniform selection ranges from combat uniforms, security uniforms and protection uniforms, demining uniforms, kitchen staff and others. Not only are we specializing in Battle Dress Uniform (BDU) to Desert Camouflage Uniform (DCU). Whether you are clearing a mine field or interested in protecting your property, wear our uniforms! Not only it is a professional structure but of best quality and for the most competitive price available in the market. It features a number of design changes as well as different forms and shapes.SalarShekib Logistic Company uses a new camouflage pattern called Universal Camouflage Pattern, which blends green, tan and gray to work effectively in desert and urban environments. Our specialty in uniforms is far more advanced than any other company currently providing uniforms in Afghanistan. The Army pattern design is based on research into Dual Texture Camouflage. Most security companies in Afghanistan have researched through us to find the right choice for their personnel.

Foot Wear: The most durable and effective foot protection boots you will ever find in the market to any size, shape, color and length. We have them in the range of hiking, running, army, uniforms types that will match your uniform types that will match your necessity and we well as regular daily use all season boots. We have special designated boots for de mining work. We would be more than happy to serve you in that field as well.

Living Quarters: Living quarters and structures can be of different styles and shapes. It is based in the security situation of the base camps or operation basses. We can provide you with living quarters of weather haven which is mostly made of some sort of leather type materials.

We can also build hard structure concrete living units and some other living quarters are made our of portable containers and can consist of office space or living space

Computer and Electronics: Salar Shekib carry most computer brand name and electronics from laptops to desktop and servers. From small home printers to the most advanced office printers of all brand type. Our IT infrastructure is controlled by Australian IT professional with qualification ranging from network and server security to concrete software programming. This gives SSLC advanced strategic and expertise to put us ahead of our competitors and ahead in the computer industry. We can provide various printers for home, office and corporations. Printers can range from inkjets to LaserJet. We also can provide cartridges and printing solution. Our specialty is all in one LaserJet printers with high performance and affordability. Most of our electronics are imported from outside of Afghanistan. We can provide any types of printers you are requesting. We also provide graphic printers for hospitals and clinics.

Power Supply: Our generators range from super silence to the most advanced generators that can provide electricity for an entire operation area or camp site. We also can provide pure solar energy and environmentally friendly power sources. Whether you are providing electricity for a small office or a major compound, we have the engineering and capabilities to provide it. We carry stabilizers and transformers of all kinds; depends on your requirements. It is mandatory that all electronic systems be protected through a power surge system. Our transformers range from 1 phase power system to 3 phase power system. It also includes 80 Volts, 110 Volts and 220 Volts power support system.

Containers: Since we require storage space for ourselves, we have invested in compact containers of all size and shapes. Whether you are looking for a 10 feet, 20 feet, 40 feet or 52 feet containers we have them in stock. We carry both brand new and used containers, depending on your needs. We also can provide armored containers for small storage use. Also we have many shapes and sizes of plastic containers that could come handy in any area. Some diesel fuel tanks are usually kept in a compact container for durability and protection purpose. We also have regular fuel containers that can provide an extra storage facility for vehicles and other use.

Communication: Another section of our expertise is that we also specialize in all kinds of communications. From satellite, local mobile networks to two way radio system. We can create a communication system that is well advanced and trustable in the most rugged terrain in Afghanistan. Satellite communication is mostly used for advanced organizations and we are here to offer our expertise. We have cell phones of all range. Whether you are looking for a cell phone or sim card, we can make an arrangement for your needs. We carry many satellite phones and recharging cards. Whether you are looking for an Iridium, thuraya or global star, we can provide them for activation within Afghanistan. If you request that an encryption be used with your satellite phone system, this is arrangement can be made and you will be provided with information on how to encrypt your device.

Operation & maintenance service: Salar Shekib Logistic Company is fully equipped in providing enough sanitation and laundry services in hiring and training local labor throughout Afghanistan

  • Portable water delivery
  • Waste water removal
  • Solid waste removal
  • Generator maintenance
  • Well pump motor and valve maintenance
  • Laundry services

Refrigerated Containers: We can import refrigerated containers from different parts of the world. Whether you are looking for a 10 feet or 40 feet container we will provide you right away. Our refrigerated containers are 3 phase power system and we can arrange for other choices as well. These two samples we have are brand new units of 20 feet with the power supply of 220 Volts in 3 phase power system. These four samples we have are brand new units of 20 feet and 10 feet with power supply of 3 phases of 220 Volts.

Vehicles: Sometimes for a company to rent vehicles is much affordable then to purchasing them. SalarShekib Logistic Company can provide this for your comfort. We have brand new vehicles to be rented and used ones. Just simply tell us what you are looking for and we will arrange it for your acceptance. We have many vehicles to choose from and once you see the selection then by all means choose what you think is the best choice for you. In this environment SUVs, pickup trucks, 4x4, Hilux, surf, land cruisers, Prado Patrol cars and land rover are required to defeat the vast desert and rugged terrain. This gives SSLC the opportunity to offer such vehicles anywhere in Afghanistan

Food and Beverages: You must be wondering how come we can also provide food and beverages to our clients? Well it is very simple – when we are working on a project, we have to provide food for our team and personnel that are working hard to complete our project with success ‘therefor we have to feed them on daily basis. Which is why?  We getting into the food industry were mandatory and that is why we can also provide such services. Food and beverages of all kinds and all year round is available for you to order. Sometimes working on a project in a desert makes water most beverages a necessity.


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