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Salar Shekib Radio Communication is able to import & export any branded radio communication gears

Installation Methods & Capabilities

SSRC –Afghanistan is one of the leading radio communication companies in Afghanistan with core expertise in Radio Communication and is able to perform the installation, maintenance, programming & repairing of High frequency (HF), Very High Frequency (VHF), and Ultra High Frequency (UHF), Base station, Repeaters, potable radio, mobile, handhelds, man-pack, solar power solution, towers & antennas.

SSRC is utilizing and deploying its well-qualified and expert team to implement and conclude the project in high standard method of radio installation system and as well as is using from the up-to-date installation and testing tools. It is also to be mentioned that SSRC is using from the effective and innovative ways of installation to complete the project and struggling to came up with the standard project completion reporting and acceptable result for the honorable clients.

The following installation and project accomplishment methods are used by SSRC.

1. Arranging and sending off the qualified engineers to the site after the list of the locations are provided by the client.

2. The qualifided engineers will conduct the site survey before installations and will afterword use from the effective and innovative ways of engineering to install the communication gear and also will use the GPS to obtain the accurate Lat & Long.

3. Installing the antenna at the top of the tower and also connecting the coax cable from the antenna to radios.

4. Assembling the battery cells in the battery rack inside the communication room. Connecting the battery cells to the interconnecting cables for a 24 volt system, and to the solar charge controller & will test the controller and ensure the batteries are being charged.

5. Team will be responsible to the radios in the communication room and will provide test tools for the installing equipment to make sure the equipment to make sure the equipment are working properly.

6. After the installation is implemented and completed, SSRC engineers will do the testing operations of the equipments to make sure the radios are working properly and can communication with the other companies and authorities.