Salar Shekib Construction Company



• To create construction objects as per customer s design view through which the objects can be realized in

• existent structures (private facilities)

• Determining priorities in the fields it covers.

• Developing projects covering the necessities of the reconstruction.

• Promoting constructional projects in Afghanistan.

• Upgrade the level of rebuilding according to the level of the developed countries.

• Providing modern facilities for promotion of construction.

• To provide housing for people with special needs including (vulnerable) group elderly, homeless, disabled

• Female heads of household and large families.

• To build public facilities

• To build and improve the quality of streets

• Construction and rehabilitation of bridges, roads and highways.

• To improve and expand public infrastructure to existing and developing areas of Afghanistan.

• To improve water distribution infrastructure

• To facilitate appropriate water-oriented development

• To build, maintain and improve drainage facilities.

• To provide sewage treatment operations





Salar Shekib Construction Company was established with the aim to meet the following objectives:


• To identify, rehabilitation, reconstruction needs of Afghan people;

• To contribute in providing job opportunities.

• To contribute to the capacity building process in construction



To help refuges find shelter to convey Donor s and Governmental assistance to afghan entitled through implementation of any rehabilitation projects inside Afghanistan.


• To seek financial resources and implementation possibilities for the planned relief and rehabilitation

• projects in Afghanistan;

• To promote the existing traditional materials techniques.

• To develop and use new construction material

• To introduce new concepts and technology of construction

• To workout plans for rural development in order to improve the living standards at community level in

• the country;

• To directly implement relief program and rehabilitate the economic and social infrastructure in the war torn

• Afghanistan.

• To recruit and train new construction personnel



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