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About Salar Shekib Construction Company (SSCC)

Character of Organization:
SSCC is an organization that is especially setup to undertake reconstruction, relief and repatriation efforts for refugees and needy people, provides technical consultation for planning and implementing of architectural, civil and irrigation. For the construction and development of war-torn Afghanistan obviously there is a great need for some organization with proper values and strategies. As the name of design in construction implies, the organization will undertake all activities necessary for the reconstruction development and rehabilitation sectors. We have also planned to build or rebuild the shrines of Holy Saints and also historical places in Afghanistan.

Our Vision:
To be a leading national provider of construction works, supplies, general services and management solution towards achieving stability and economic prosperity in Afghanistan.

History of the Company:

• Salar Shekib Construction Company is established in 2009. Since the establishment date the company has been involved in different Design & Construction related activities. The activities can briefly be summarized as following.


  • School Buildings
  • Clinics
  • Commercial Buildings
  • Connex & containers
  • C Class Stadium
  • Water Supply
  • Power (Electricity)

Aim of the Company:

  • To contribute in reconstruction and development of rural Afghanistan.
  • To encourage the Afghan people to participate in rehabilitation.
  • To provide irrigation water through the proper canals and ditches to the recommended areas selected for the action.
  • To plan an active roll in the roads and sub roads to the villages and the rural areas of Afghanistan.
  • To plan and design of small and big towns with their proper systems (irrigations, sanitations, power supply, roads, schools, hospitals, playgrounds, parks and car parking).
  • To construct run ways in air ports and its sub ways.
  • To construct high buildings with modern designs as Arabic designs and European designs.
  • To make mobile houses of woods.
  • To make modern offices by European designs.
  • To construct Military parks, ammunition stores or depots.
  • To construct and repair power dams for supplying electricity and Irrigation
  • To make water supply by drilling deep wells of different types.
  • To give transport facilities for any department of government and non-governmental departments (NGO's, UN branches, US Army and ISAF).
  • To make provision maps and plans by different kind and designs.
  • To test loading tests of the earth.
  • To contribute in providing job opportunities.
  • To help refugees find shelter.
  • To promote the existing traditional materials techniques.
  • To introduce new concepts and technology of construction.

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